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SHOP Program: Important News


As communicated at the end of last school year, the Manna Group was acquired by Great Lakes Scrip Center located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  GLSC has been serving the nonprofit community for over 20 years and is currently the #1 scrip provider serving the United States.  GLSC offers gift cards to over 300 merchants and you can continue to purchase eCards online, using their ScripNow eCard option.  They also have an online payment option similar to MannaPay, which they refer to as PrestoPay.  Since GLSC is located in Michigan, we need to revise our procedures to accommodate processing changes.  Orders will continue to be placed weekly throughout the school year and for now, we will continue to have Tuesdays be our order days and Thursdays be our fill days.  

Going forward, here are some key points you will need to know:
  • The school has been enrolled in the GLSC Scrip Program. To get started, each family needs to join our scrip program using an Enrollment Code: Please contact the school SHOP administrator for to obtain the enrollment code for our school and for other enrollment information.  Going forward, families will maintain their own user name and password.  Please note that since this account is used to place orders for our school, we urge you to not share this code online or distribute to non-school families, as only school families will be able to place online orders.  

  • Once you have enrolled your family and have a user name and password, you then need to complete the steps to utilize the PrestoPay option, which will allow you to pay for online orders directly from your checking account.

  • Going forward, all weekly orders must be placed online and paid for using PrestoPay.  GLSC requires same day payment. As a result, the SHOP Team will no longer be able to accept checks for weekly orders.  Checks will only be accepted for cash and carry purchases going forward.

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